Resource FirefoxOS


Firefox OS Simulator
Firefox OS Simulator:

Developing/installing an app
FxOS app: (clean basic version with Install button and some Web Activities.) Recommended: host on your own server or through GitHub pages at FxOSStub (template/design for an app with an Install button): Mortar – A collection of Open Web App templates App Demos (from an Android) droid@screen: Droid@Screen is a stand-alone Java Swing GUI application that shows the screen of an Android device on a computer. Typical usage is showing an app demo or during training. If you are running app demos off an Android device, this is the software to install. There is a really good video on the website that explains the install process

Pitfalls and helpers for mobile Web apps
Rob Hawkes’ slides on Pitfalls and Helpers

Firefox Marketplace & Developer Hub
Developer Hub
Reference apps (Chrono, Face Value, Roller):

App validator (Manifest checker):
Podcasts app prototype (demoed at Apps Show and Tell):
Design patterns:
Firefox OS Design Guidelines:

WebApps mailing list
File a bug on Marketplace!

Web API latest version:
Documentation and their status for APIs:

Robert Nyman’s slides on Web APIs

Screencasts  & Videos
For viewing:
Mozhacks on Youtube
For subtitling Universal Subtitles :
Introducing the Firefox OS Simulator
Developer Walkthrough of Firefox Marketplace

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